The Tuxedo Gardener is living proof that YOU can use his gardening system to grow fantastic fruits and vegetables without the effort of traditional gardening.

School Uses The Tuxedo Gardener System to grow vast quantities of garden delights. The children plant, cultivate, harvest and donate food to a local food bank.
School Uses The Tuxedo Gardener System to grow vast quantities of garden delights. The children plant, cultivate, harvest and give food to a local food bank.
Several beds growing plants in the shade.
Several beds growing plants in partial shade.

What You Lose What You Gain



needs lots of soil amendment to retain waterwater collection system
dirt/soil/loam/hydroponics, etc.better use of water
rodent issues from belowuse of common building materials for raised bed frames
most large flying pestsuse of renewable organic materials
weedinguse of organic fertilizers
back-breaking planting routinesuse of organic pesticides
money spent on fertilizers, pesticide and insecticidesuse of organic insect inhibitors
tilling of the soilkeeping critters out of your garden
watering several times a weekone-hand gardening
dealing with miscellaneous garden diseasesexpanded growing season
being physically and emotionally drained from gardening effortincredible-tasting food
listening to neighbors bragging about their gardensless time working and more time enjoying your garden
relying on family or neighbors to water the garden when you are awaya green thumb the easy way
sharing your garden with rodents, birds and other mammalsease of planting and harvesting
working with dangerous toolsease of maintenance
spending every weekend doing garden maintenancecrop consistency every year
brown thumbsteaching children how and why to garden
over- or under-watering issuesit can be done most anywhere
disappointments growing your own foodfood safety


The Tuxedo Gardening System

Yes, YOU can now have a great garden with little or no experience. Once your garden is set up and running there is  little to do. You will wonder why you haven’t tried The Tuxedo Gardener system before.

You will be able to sit outside in your garden and just enjoy the view. All the while you are growing the best tasting fruits and vegetables. If you are quite you may even hear them grow.

If you install a drip irrigation system the watering is automatic.

Yes, this means you get to have a vacation. With all the money you saved growing your own food you have some to spend.

The Tuxedo Gardener is the guy who grows the best organic fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood.