The Tuxedo Gardener guides you into a 21st Century garden using an all-natural living organic food factory without the traditional labor, chemicals, and costs.

The Tuxedo Gardener model results from 50-plus years of personal gardening experience, a science degree, and a graduate of the Oregon Master Gardener program and teacher.

My gardening training and experience spans several states and growing zones.

Homeowners and schools have thoroughly tested this system for weakness, continuity, irrigation, growing medium, and much more.

This short video gives you the concepts that explain the idea of the book.

Tests have found the system removes, reduces, and eliminates more than 15 common gardening problems.

Tuxedo Gardener book cover

This is a recording of a recent radio interview on KMUZ, in Salem, Oregon, where The Tuxedo Gardener system has been on display.

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The Tuxedo Gardener
This is a story about how we created the
best gardening system for YOU!​

The Tuxedo Gardener model is a complete organic gardening system. The system provides solutions to problems gardeners face. The problems range from watering issues, what to grow, how to plant, how to grow, how much water your plants need, the best place to grow, how to protect your crops from diseases and pests and when and how to harvest your food, and what to do at the end of the growing season.

The most difficult problems starting a new garden are overcome in The Tuxedo Gardener. Information in the book will help you show the best place for your garden, provide plant suggestions, container construction concepts, what growing medium to use, how and when to harvest. The book is the synopsis of the integrated organic gardening system.

Yes, there is a section based on real experiences educating children in methods and gardening techniques. There are pages of questions and answers to enhance the garden experience with your children. Your children will get involved in helping you grow the food they need and want.

Generations use organic farming around the world. We did our homework so you can have the best gardening system with outstanding results. The effectiveness of this system will allow you to enjoy your family garden with little ongoing work.

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